Huddle Is a Service Design & Innovation lab.


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About Huddle

Huddle was founded on the premise that new ways of interacting with the world will demand a new set of tools.

As 'experience' takes centre-stage across industries, we're working to determine exactly what makes an experience good, online and off. 

Through behaviour-focused design, we help organizations and individuals to better understand user perspectives, and to utilize those insights to create more effective, efficient, and seamless service journeys. 

Huddle is innovation, designed.

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About Joseph

Joseph is a social scientist by training.

Blending methods from psychology, anthropology, design, and management, he helps organizations work smarter at delivering innovative services.

Specifically, his work and research focuses on how Canada's service sector can identify new sources of value through digital disruption, innovative business models, and improved service experiences.

Joseph has held research positions at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, and Ryerson University’s Department of Psychology. 

He is also the founder of the award-winning digital consultancy CONNECT.

Joseph is currently a member of the Society of Service Innovation Professionals, and the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community, and is a regular blogger at the Huffington Post.

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