Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?

Huddle is a service design and innovation firm. We help organizations to identify and understand service users' needs so that together we can create sustainable value that goes beyond campaigns and specific touchpoints.

What makes you so special?

Our approach to innovation begins with a deep examination service users' patterns and preferences, and balances those insights with the strategic goals of the organization. This contrasts with other approaches to innovation, which tend to approach problems from the perspective of the organization instead. Our 'design and test' approach increases the chances that an innovation or improvement will be successful when it hits the market.

What's the process like?

Our 6-step process helps you to choose your innovation team, identify strategic priorities, collect and organize qualitative and quantitative insights, develop service propositions and business models, test, prototype, implement, and measure. Throughout this process, your entire organization will acquire the language and skills necessary to foster their own innovation capabilities our educational hub, Huddle-U.

What problems do you solve?

The range of projects we tackle is as broad as the number of innovation possibilities. Some of the most common challenges we help to solve include: brand differentiation, technology adoption, talent recruitment and retention, new service design and innovation, service experience improvements, data mobilization, and communication design.

Who do you work with?

We work with most service-based organizations, including professional services, healthcare, non-profit, education, and the public service, but we also work with manufacturers and goods producers to create service platforms for their brands.


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