Orchestrating seamless experiences for patients, Families & Providers

design better patient experiences

Complement empirical research on patient experience with mixed-methods that reveal insights specific to your own healthcare institution. Tailored solutions not only improve patient care, but also differentiate their care experience in a way that's meaningful and memorable.

Design better caregiver experiences

Improve caregiver experiences by identifying which touchpoints are most relevant to health outcomes, and result in more pleasant care journeys for patients and their families.

Adopt Technology Strategically

Make the most of legacy systems, and identify where new systems are likely to have the most impact. Seamless delivery of your services reduces friction among staff and clients, and allocates resources more effectively and efficiently.


Identify and mobilize your data strategically through the innovation process and identify where it is likely to have the most impact on broader strategic goals.


Identify where overlapping processes are creating more work for your staff, and resulting in higher delivery costs. Understanding what paid and volunteer staff value most in a job and meet their expectations while simultaneously equipping them with the innovation skill set to keep your organization on course.

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