Firm Branches out into Non-legal Services

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Bright Sparke is described by the firm as an ‘innovation hub’ and was introduced to ‘develop the very best technology-based legal solutions as well as allied non-legal services,’ including enhanced data analytics, process outsourcing, emerging technology and partnering arrangements. It is funded independently of the partnership.

The Board has appointed Sydney-based Nicholas Adamo as chief innovation officer and chief executive officer for Bright Sparke. He joins the firm from Ernst & Young, where he established and led the Enterprise Intelligence team in the Asia-Pacific Region, and before that was the lead partner for Deloitte's Analytic and Forensic Technology Group.

Taking back ground

Sparke Helmore chairman Mark Hickey told The Australian that the firm is‘trying to take back some of the ground that law firms as a whole have lost over the past 20 years because of the way we are structured and the way we do business.’ He added that ‘We will probably be raising capital in those SPVs through the partnership, through employees and potentially through joint ventures with clients.’

The firm has already decided to adopt two of the five potential business lines currently in testing and Mr Hickey confirmed that discussions with a major bank are under way.

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