Big Law Firm Rolls Out Business Advisory Division

Earlier this month, Bryan Cave announced a newly branded 32-person division within the St. Louis-based law firm, called BCXponent, a business advisory unit that is separate from its legal services and has its own distinct website apart from the firm.

“By solving X factor issues, we help our clients turn X into Excellence,” reads the marketing catch line on the division’s main page.

The unit is just the latest example of lawyers in Big Law who are offering services that have little or nothing to do with legal judgment, and everything to do with business management decisions, including how to reduce legal spend.

BCXponent — named to convey the idea that its services exponentially build upon its core legal practice — is comprised of both lawyers and non-lawyers. This includes computer science experts and software programmers who help develop proprietary technology for clients to help them achieve business goals, as well as project managers who advise clients on how to reduce their panel of outside law firms from say, 180 to five, and also streamline the legal process within a company.

“The firm wants to deliver the best client service that we can, and truthfully, you have to think of new ways to deliver services or you’re going to quickly become obsolete,” explained Kathryn DeBord, Bryan Cave’s 42-year-old chief innovation officer who is co-leading the division.

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