Deloitte’s Deal with Conduit Law

Since its inception in 2012, Conduit Law has earned a reputation as a major Canadian legal upstart by providing outsourced lawyers in support of in-house legal teams.

And like some of the owners of Cognition LLP, which this year sold its outsourced lawyer business to Axiom Global Inc. (to form Axiom Cognition), Conduit Law’s founder, Peter Carayiannis remains very much a part of Deloitte Conduit Law LLP, which will practice in an affiliation with Deloitte LLP.

The deal is a definite win-win. Conduit Law gains a national platform that will compete strongly and directly with Axiom Cognition, and gains access to the Deloitte brain trust as well as to a wealth of C-suite introductions. Deloitte gains yet another strong foothold in the Canadian legal services market with a new ability to provide “on-demand” services for law firms, in-house counsel, as well as deliver short-term projects or special engagements.

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