Rockefeller Foundation: How Social Innovation Labs Design And Scale Impact

We reflected on some of the groundbreaking innovations The Rockefeller Foundation has supported in the last 100 years, and challenged ourselves to intentionally innovate to solve problems over the next century.

We know that in the next 40 years the planet will host two billion more people, who will be more connected physically and technologically than ever before, and who will be distributed in unprecedented ways. We believe yesterday’s solutions—fit to yesterday’s realities—are inadequate for tomorrow’s grand challenges.

To tackle these complex, systemic challenges, we need as many powerful tools in our arsenal as possible. We need new approaches to design novel and useful solutions. We need to engage stakeholders from different sectors, geographies, and elements of the system, and empower them to co-design or co-create solutions. We need to experiment, prototype, test, fail and iterate. And we need to do it quickly.

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