Taxi Stockholm Uses Driver Diversity to Bring Service to Clients in 28 Languages

As Uber makes its bid for world domination  - at least within the taxi industry - conventional taxi companies are scrambling to get a competitive edge on the disruptor, leading to an innovation race. The latest is to offer a multilingual taxi service - in 28 languages. 

In Sweden, Uber's presence has been felt hard.

When the unicorn launched in Stockholm the city became the fastest growing market for Uber in the world. One response has been to employ lobbyists and legal means to disallow Uber's bypassing of Sweden's strict taxi regulations. The Uber Pop service was recently discontinued. 

Taxi services like Taxi Stockholm have also taken up the fight by innovating the taxi industry. In 2014, Taxi Stockholm tried a project offering therapy sessions during taxi rides. 

Now its time to try something new: "Taxi Translators".

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