My Care Plan: a human-centred tool for advance care planning

About MY Care Plan

My Care Plan is an advance care planning and innovation-focused insight generation tool. Through collaborative visualization, the tool helps patients, families, and care providers to imagine how illness will affect thoughts, feelings, and actions at key points along the continuum of care.

Drawing on standard journey maps utilized by service design practitioners, as well as the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association’s Square of Care, My Care Plan consists of two axes. The X-axis lists time-related stages (diagnosis, treatment, immobility etc.), while the Y-axis lists experiential components (thoughts, feelings, actions, and actors etc.). Together, they allow collaborators to imagine how illness stages and experiences intersect at touchpoints - places where emotional or physical challenges may arise.

By visualizing how different care settings, treatment options, and illness stages influence thoughts, feelings, and actions over time, Care Plans can elucidate more informed care decisions among patients, family members and care providers, and facilitate innovations in the care experience.

It is our hope that the insights generated by Care Plans will form the basis for new interventions, approaches, policies, products, or tools, on a local, national, or international basis.


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