Lexpert: Design Thinking - Try, Try Again

LAW FIRMS, DESPITE THE ENTRENCHED conservative culture in which they operate, are beginning to adopt the kind of iterative thinking that has been so successful for design firms and, increasingly, technology companies. One such process is called “design thinking” — also known as “human-centred design” — an approach that, at its core, is about structured problem-solving with a design flair.

It’s a multi-step process that, to be successful, demands resilience and a willingness to retrace your steps. Technology lawyer Matthew Peters at McCarthy Tétrault LLP says that, with design thinking, you prototype the solution, you build certain elements of it, then you go back out to the client and say, “Is this something that would solve your problem?” And often, he says, after you pilot the solution with the client, you go back to the drawing board, literally, for some aspects that might not have hit the mark.


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