National Law Review: Design Thinking and Legal Marketing - A Win for Law Firms and their Clients

The Legal Marketing Technology conference in San Francisco will host an innovative workshop focusing on the Stanford Design school’s concept of “Design Thinking”: an innovative way to solve complicated problems.  Mark Beese of Leadership for Lawyers will be taking participants through a boot camp, a highly involved and interactive workshop designed to teach the principles of design thinking by solving a real world problem.  The workshop will go through a series of steps with the goal of turning a familiar problem inside out to find innovative solutions.  The process involves extensive interviews with various stakeholders in order to fully understand the issue, identify characterizing themes of the problem and developing several solutions to see which idea floats.  Participants will choose one idea to prototype--actually creating a physical representation of the idea to present to clients to gauge a reaction.  The idea is to go deeper and deeper into the issue in a way that breaks patterns and allows for crafty solutions.

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