Want a Better Employee Experience? Start By Simplifying Tech.

Technology is intended to make things easier -- especially in the workplace. Employers are implementing more and more platforms in the hopes of simplifying everyday tasks and communication.

However, technology can inadvertently contribute to a negative employee experience, if you’re not careful. When tech suffers from clunky integration, non-intuitive interfaces and weaknesses in the configuration department, employees get frustrated by the complexity and poor design of the very thing they rely on every day to succeed at their jobs. Plus, working with too many software platforms at work can contribute to information overload.

Leaders recognize this but are not sure how to resolve the problem. In fact, a March 2014 study from Deloitte found that 65 percent of over 3,300 executives surveyed said they considered the “overwhelmed employee” an urgent, important trend, but 44 percent also said they were not ready to deal with it.

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