MaRS Connected World Report: Toward Decentralized & Connected Care

The big shift in Canadian healthcare: connected, integrated and community-based

The Canadian healthcare system (medicare) was established by legislation passed in 1984 and has become a hallmark of our society. Designed on the principle that healthcare is a social good and that all residents should have equal access to the appropriate medical care, the Canadian healthcare system still garners overwhelming public support.

However, emerging challenges threaten to destabilize a healthcare system cherished by many. Over the long term, the existing healthcare delivery model will no longer be sufficient to meet the demands of the Canadian public. In order to provide the best possible care in the most affordable and efficient manner, Canada’s provinces and territories are working to modernize the way they provide healthcare products and services, an effort fueled by the ubiquitous availability of technology. In this report we investigate the two interdependent thrusts that underpin this radical transformation:

Decentralization: Moving care outside of provider settings and into the home and community
Connectivity: Open data sharing and communication across users and healthcare providers

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