LexisNexis Blog: Jamming – The Way Forward for Legal Service Design?

What do musicians do when they come together? 

They jam.

They each bring their own instruments, their own skills – someone sets up a theme – maybe a chord, maybe a rhythm – and the rest start to play around it. They don’t overanalyse. They don’t discuss it endlessly.

They just get on with creating something none of them could have created alone.
‘Service Design Jams’ work in the same way but with ideas being jammed, instead of chords or tunes. Could this work for the legal industry?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, as we found at when LexisNexis, working in collaboration with Janders Dean and The Bio Agency, hosted a ‘legal service design jam’ at Janders Dean’s ‘Horizons’ conference in May this year.

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