Innovating new and sustainable Sources of social value

brand your purpose

As a social enterprise, your purpose is your greatest asset. For charities and non profits, converting that purpose into a memorable and unique brand experience is a challenge. Utilize design and innovation to identify the touchpoints where you can have the most impact on your brand experience.


Understand the unique values of key stakeholders to create fulfilling and memorable experiences that propel your organization forward.

Sustain a Social Innovation pipeline

Utilize the same tool set that addressed your own innovation challenges to identify how your organization can create new programs.


Identify new sources of revenue by examining where demand lies, and how your unique capabilities can meet those demands, resulting in a more stable and flexible organization.

recruit and retain talent

Recruit and retain volunteers and paid staff by understanding what they value most in a job, while simultaneously equipping them with the innovation skill set to keep your organization on course.

Who's Making Innovation Work

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