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Introduction to Innovation Through Design

Traditional approaches to innovation are largely a product of a manufacturing mindset - a hangover from our industrial past. This is a brief introduction to how service design can offer organizations a toolset for creating better service experiences through holistic, cross-departmental, co-created solutions.

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Investing in Technology for Impact

Technology investment in an imperative for most organizations, but with so many solutions and so many potential applications, how can an organization know which will have the greatest impact on the bottom line? This presentation focuses on the ways in which service design can help an organization choose appropriate technology platforms by identifying the the real-world needs and behaviours of service users and delivery personnel.

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The Holistic Brand Experience

Organizations are complex entities composed of many moving parts. This complexity can sometimes pose a challenge to organizations looking to offer consistent and pleasant experiences. This introduction focuses on how mapping, designing, prototyping, and testing new and improved processes can improve perceptions of your brand.

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Data Mobilization: Big & Small

Big data is making all of the headlines these days, but most organizations still grapple with their small data strategy. Countless sources of data exist within every organization, but the true challenge lies in how to make use of it. This presentation focuses on how to identify, structure, and analyze key data sources to inform process improvement and innovation.

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