Improving Vital Civic services Through Collaborative Design

strengthen public trust

Public trust in civic institutions is at an all-time low. Understand what service users truly value in their service experiences, and facilitate more frequent and consistent value creation opportunities.

reduce sources of friction

Reduce friction in the service experience by thoroughly understanding the needs and perspectives of the players who make a service come together, and by designing journeys that are satisfying for everyone involved..

Identify new opportunities

Identify existing and emerging public needs, and design solutions to those needs based on existing organizational resources, strengths, and capabilities. 

allocate resources strategically

Identify what matters most to service users, and allocate resources in a way that delivers the most impactful and favourable service experience.


Make the most of legacy systems, and identify where new systems are likely to have the most impact. Seamless delivery of your services reduces friction among staff and clients, and allocates resources more effectively and efficiently.


Identify and mobilize your data strategically through the innovation process and identify where it is likely to have the most impact on broader strategic goals.


Recruit and retain volunteers and paid staff by understanding what they value most in a job and meeting their expectations in a cost-effective manner, while simultaneously equipping them with the innovation skill set to keep your organization on course.

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