From Research to Implementation

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Sensemaking is the process of giving meaning to yet-undefined or fuzzy challenges. Through design-based methods we combine empirical research with community-based and institutional knowledge to arrive at contextually rich understandings of a problem space.

✓   Evidence SEARCH & Synthesis

✓   Co-Design Research & Session Facilitation

✓   Insight Generation

✓   Collaborative Problem Framing

✓   Opportunity Mapping

✓   Vision setting & Consensus Building

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Once you've arrived at an understanding of your desired future state, work with stakeholders to develop low fidelity versions for testing.

✓   Service blueprints

✓   Parallel prototyping

✓   Storyboards, vignettes, videos

✓   Wireframes

✓   Heuristic evaluation

✓   Simulation

✓   Scenario description swimlanes

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With a prototype in-hand, develop an implementation, testing, and infrasturcturing plan, ensuring that your team has the capability to sustain change over time.

✓   Implementation Planning

✓   Cognitive walkthrough

✓   Stakeholder walkthrough

✓   KPI development, measurement & reporting

✓   TEAM Skills Building