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The Service Innovation Capabilities Test

To meet the new demands presented by ever-evolving technology and globalization, organizations will need to innovate. But what makes some organizations more innovative than others?

In two papers, Lynch & Blommerde (2014) and Stuart G. Bailey’s (2014) outlined five dimensions of service innovation capability (SIC):

  • Strategizing Capability
  • Knowledge Management Capability
  • Networking Capability
  • Customer Involvement Capability
  • Retention Capability

Answer the following 23 questions for a customized report on your own organization's innovation capabilities.

This test should take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete.

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Strategizing Capability
Strategizing Capability
We as an organization have a clear understanding of who our customers are.
We as an organization make use of customer insights on a regular basis.
We as an organization have a clear understanding of which services to offer our clients.
We as an organization regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our services for our clients.
We as an organization have a clear understanding of how to efficiently deliver our services.
We as an organization regularly evaluate potentially more efficient delivery options.
We as an organization have strongly positioned ourselves in the market based on our customer segments, service offerings, and service delivery methods.
Knowledge Management Capability
Knowledge Management Capability
We as an organization have multiple high-quality channels for sharing insights with colleagues.
I feel confident sharing new insights and ideas with my colleagues and superiors.
Management allows its staff the freedom to implement and test new ideas without much intervention.
Management appears committed to a core set of values that reflect the character of our organization.
Our technology systems allow us to easily store and access research and insights from across departments.
The organization is regularly assessing individual and cross-departmental knowledge sharing.
Knowledge is regularly put to use in the form of service innovations or modifications.
We as an organization regularly receive and share input from other disciplines and professionals from outside the organization.
Networking Capability
Networking Capability
The organization regularly engages with actors from other outside networks (clients, patients, technology providers, experts etc.)
The organization makes an effort to connect with new actors from outside the organization in the form of strategic partnerships, co-owned projects, collaborations, or events.
Customer Involvement Capability
Customer Involvement Capability
The organization regularly engages its service users as sources of knowledge and information.
The organization formally codifies this knowledge and makes it accessible to different departments.
The organization considers its service users partners in the development of its services, rather than mere informers.
Retention Capability
Retention Capability
There are mentors in the organization who help to share the vocabulary, tools, methods, and practices of innovation with those who are less familiar.
The organization possesses online and offline spaces that allow staff to share ideas and insights with each other informally.
Factors that impede innovation-based changes to service models or organizational functioning (stress etc.) are identified at the outset, along with mitigation strategies.